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Snorkeling in Culebra Island, Puerto Rico has been for years one of the top attractions in Puerto Rico. Culebra offers plenty of snorkeling options that might suit you, but if you are looking for a sure turtle-spotting tour, look no further.

Here I’ll answer the most common questions asked over the years. 

I hope it serves you well to plan your trip to Culebra Island, Puerto Rico. I’ll see You soon!



In this section I’ll go over:


  • Frequently asked questions 

  • Recommendations





  • What ages are accepted for your services? You have to be at least 8 years to participate

  • Why should I go Snorkeling in Culebra with You? Lots of reasons that I’ll detail in other questions but here are some of the factors: I specialize in small groups, My equipment is top-notch, I am a certified lifeguard, The spot I take you is a controlled nature reserve and spaces are limited

  • Can I just do it by myself? Technically you can, but We Snorkeling at Tamarindo Beach, and the area is part of a Nature Reserve, there is nothing around the vast area, and it is better to get a feel of the area on a guided service first and then do You can do it on your own

  • I sit easily to spot the Turtles at Tamarindo Beach. For experienced guides, it is super easy. We have had people going in on rental gear and not seeing one turtle, whereas guests participating in guided trips see lots of turtles 

  • Can I touch the turtles? NO WAY! And not under my watch. It is considered a crime and anyone attempting that will be punished. No harassing or touching is allowed

  • Is it guaranteed to see turtles? If you don’t see them on my guided tour, I’ll return your money in full 

  • Do I need previous experience? No. You just need a great attitude, and I’ll teach you the techniques of snorkeling the correct way. Plus I’ll be with you the whole time, and I’m a lifeguard

  • How many people do you take snorkeling at once? I concentrate on small groups of up to six. That allows me to have better control of the group in the water and to provide the best snorkeling service in Culebra

  • Where's the meeting point? Usually is Tamarindo Beach, but if you don’t have transportation, we can arrange that for an additional fee

  • Do you provide flotation devices? Yes, comfortable floating belts are provided. When it is time to dive, I’ll let the participants take them off either for spotting marine life or taking pictures

  • Do you include photos during the snorkeling tour? Yes, I do, and I’m a photographer. It’s included in the package.

  • Can I drink before snorkeling? Don’t even try that. Go snorkeling with me first and then chill and drink at the beaches in Culebra

  • Do You include ferry tickets? No. But click here to buy tickets to Culebra online. Do it in advance!





  • Buy Ferry Tickets in advance if You are not staying in Culebra. Click Here for that

  • If You have an SPF shirt, bring them. It's way better than Sunscreen for You and the marine life


For Info on How to Get to Culebra Island Click Here

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