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Ferry Tickets, Plane Tickets,and Culebra Island Info

We are aware that getting to Culebra Island comes with some challenges, especially when it comes to getting info on where to choose the best method of transportation to arrive to the Island.

If You Want to Arrive and be at Your own Pace, Here is a guide on getting your

Tickets to Paradise

How can I get to Culebra Island? 

You have two options: 

  1. Ferry 

  2. Plane 


Let's Talk About Ferry Options

The passenger ferry is usually the first choice for visitors since it's the affordable way to visit Culebra Island. 

  • Ferry Terminal in Ceiba, Puerto Rico: Most Popular Way of Getting to Culebra Island. The ferry to Culebra departs from the town of Ceiba located on the east of The Main Island of Puerto Rico. To get here people usually hire a car rental or a Taxi.


To get your ferry tickets, we recommend the following options:


  • Buy in advance at:  Download the app and buy them in advance. We recommend to choose the earlier option for passenger ferry(not cargo ferry) from Ceiba to Culebra, and if you are returning the same day, choose the latest passenger option from Culera to Ceiba. That will give you more time to make the most of your Culebra Island day.


  • Buy at Ceiba ferry terminal: If you are not able to buy in advance, arrive two hours before the ferry departure and buy at the ferry terminal. They save tickets for the same day.


  • Arriving from Vieques Island: There’s a new route for people staying in Vieques Island. This route only runs on Sundays, and it's available either online and at the Vieques Ferry Terminal. 


Now, Let's Talk About Planes

This option is typically used by visitors that are either staying in Culebra overnight or are willing to spend more and get to Paradise for sure. 


There are two ways of arriving by plane:


Option A:  From Ceiba Airport.

This airport is located in the same port area as the Ferry Terminal. To arrive here you can either hire transportation or a rental car. 

For directions, type “José Aponte de la Torre Airport” 

Companies providing the service are:

  • Air Flamenco 

  • Vieques Airlink 

Make the reservations IN ADVANCE on their websites since spaces are limited. 


Option B: From San Juan Metro Area Airports.

This option is recommended for visitors that are staying in the metro area and don’t want to drive to Ceiba. Depending on the company you choose, it can be from The San Juan International Airport or the Isla Grande Airport.

Companies providing the service are:

  • Air Flamenco 

  • Vieques Airlink 

  • Cape Air

Make the reservations IN ADVANCE on their websites since spaces are limited.


We hope You can get to Culebra Island(PARADISE). It will be a pleasure to show you the Island in the funniest way!


Once You get your Tickets to Paradise, choose between these two options of touring Culebra Island. We assure you that these are the best ways to experience Culebra Island. Enjoy!



Culebra is a small island where you will have options to fill several intense days of activities. We will be giving you our recommendations on transportation, things to do, and gastronomic options of Culebra Island.


Culebra Island is what we call the Old Caribbean, one of those rare places, that when you sit under a palm tree, time stands still.

Culebra Island has a recent but intense history that has gone from agriculture to military practice camps to the layback tourist destination it is today. Culebra Island is in itself a destination within Puerto Rico, a place that even the locals of the big island choose to spend their vacations. With only 7 by 4 miles, Culebra Island is a place that offers many options to fill several intense days of activities.

  Culebra Island offers a nice variety of beaches, most of them with easy access from the main roads.

Beach Scooter Culebra is open to serve the more adventurous travelers visiting Culebra Island. Our Scooter and Snorkel will take you to the Culebra's world-famous beaches and show you the breathtaking views of

Culebra Island.







Our recommendations on Culebra Island:

Culebra Island provides a healthy amount of options in transportation, gastronomy, lodging, and activities. This variety of services combined with its peoples and world-class beaches makes Culebra a great destination for travelers.

For a small island, Culebra offers an excellent gastronomic variety. From local food, fresh fish, and good cocktails. Here is a list of the gastronomic places in Culebra we recommend:


Flamenco Kiosks - Recommended for those who visit Flamenco and will head back to the main island on the same day



  • Black Flamingo- The best coffee shop in Culebra Island

  • Pandeli- Budget breakfast place


Lunches and dinners:

  • Dinghy Dock- Our favorite place. Right next to the water, excellent service and tarpons will be waiting for your leftovers

  • Zacos- For authentic Mexican food

  • El Edén- Great wines, great risotto, air conditioning. We love this place

  • El Navegante- Trendy, eclectic with a nice breeze and view. The most innovative gastronomic option in Culebra Island

  • Heathers- Pizza and Italian dishes right in the heart of our small town


In lodges, Culebra Island is very particular. It does not have large lodges, but it does have a lot of Bed and Breakfast, and rooms rented by property owners. This contributes to the layback island vibes in Culebra Island, you’ll feel at home. Just by searching on the web, you will find excellent recommendations to stay in your stay no matter what’s your budget.


For water excursions in Kayaks, we recommend checking out Kayaking Puerto Rico, they are the most complete tour operator in Puerto Rico. Do you like paddle boarding? Then You must try Bright Paddle, owners Norman and Crisel will host You. It's truly a local experience, we highly recommend them.


Take a day out of your stay to visit Culebrita, either by private excursion or water taxi.


Hike to one of the unspoiled beaches of Culebra. Take your scooter to the end of the road and hike towards paradise. There are more beaches in Culebra besides Flamenco, so go and find the one that’s is just for You.


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