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Culebra Puerto Rico Snorkeling Guide: The Best Spot for Snorkeling in Culebra Island

Snorkeling with turtles in Culebra Island
Snorkeling in Tamarindo Beach, Culebra

Located 20 miles east of the main island of Puerto Rico and 11 miles west of Saint Thomas lies one of the jewels of the Caribbean, Culebra Island. Culebra, Puerto Rico, is a diver and snorkeling paradise. A place that even the locals from the main island of Puerto Rico consider the top destination for snorkeling in Puerto Rico.

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, is 7 x 4 miles and provides year-round snorkeling opportunities. Unlike most of the developed areas of Puerto Rico, Culebra offers many options to snorkel from the shore across the island. From Tamarindo beach on the west to Zoni Beach on the east. Most snorkeling locations on the west side of Culebra Island, like Melones, Tamarindo, and Carlos Rosario, present excellent conditions 95% of the time. This is because of their westerly location that protects these snorkeling spots from the predominantly east winds in the Caribbean. There are many options for beginners to advanced snorkelers across Culebra Island. We feature over 20 locations across the island. I have personally snorkeled, mapped, and video-recorded each site.

In this article, I'll go over the place where you'll be the safest, either on tour or with your rental gear. The secret spots are available on customized tours with Rafy. Go on a tour! And Rafy will decide which location is appropriate for your skill level or vibes. Please take all necessary precautions if you snorkel with rented gear in Culebra.

Snorkel rental Culebra Island
Snorkel Gear Rental at Tamarindo Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

  • Hydrate

  • Bring extra hydration

  • Know the area

  • Don't touch the sea floor. Bring/rent your floating belt

  • Snorkel with someone else

  • Keep your hands to yourself Don't touch marine life

The Best Spot for Snorkeling in Culebra Island is: Tamarindo Beach

Hands down, the best vibe for snorkeling in Culebra Island is at Tamarindo Beach. Authorized operations like:

  • Beach Snorkel Culebra

  • Culebra Snorkel with Locals

  • Kayaking Puerto Rico

Will be there to attend snorkeling guests with reservations.

You can rent snorkeling gear on-site at Tamarindo beach with Rafy from Beach Snorkel Culebra.

Snorkeling with Turtles in Culebra, Puerto Rico
Keeping the distance with a turtle in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Tamarindo Beach is part of the Luis Peña Nature Reserve, a protected marine sanctuary on Culebra island. The seagrass beds of Tamarindo beach provide shelter for various marine life, with the main character being the extraordinary amount of green sea turtles found in the area. Due to years of locals and guests snorkeling in the area respecting the distance, the turtles are comfortable sharing the space with responsible snorkelers. I always recommend a guided tour with the experts to see the turtles on Culebra Island. Sometimes beginners choose to rent snorkeling gear and end up leaving without seeing the turtles.

The best snorkeling in Culebra, Puerto Rico
Stingray at Tamarindo Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Other notable species sharing the space at Tamarindo are stingrays, starfish, nurse sharks, and a wide variety of fish. A nice reef is at a swimming distance, but we recommend a snorkel tour for that.

Rules when you see a turtle at Tamarindo Beach:

  1. Don't scream. Please stay calm.

  2. Don't chase the turtles. They are feeding.

  3. Every few minutes, they go up to the surface to breathe. They can feel vulnerable at this time, and we need to stay still and give them space.

  4. DON'T TOUCH A TURTLE. That should be obvious by now.

Be a good visitor, be intelligent, and respect the locals and the turtles at Tamarindo Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

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